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Avatar Movie - 2009 - The Mo Picture
English | Movie | Science Fiction

* Avatar movie produced by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation movie studio directed by James Cameron.

* Release date December 16, 2009

* Movie popularity overall ranking is 26nd with a 9.1 rating .

A band of humans are pitted in a battle against a distant planet's indigenous population.

No long description of the Avatar plot yet. However, We heard that a linguistic personal was hired just to create a language for Avatar similar to Startech Klingon Language where you have clubs and individuals truly dedicated towards learning and using this language.

Imagine that, their own unique language which you can learn and speak. Prof. Paul R. Frommer created the language and hopes that this language can carry on and see entry to other movies to be used there.

More about the movie, When nothing can be stopped with out a good fight and rest of the looser may die in seconds hire a hero was chosen to remain the grate skills and dignity of his kind. Sound so legend won’t it. How ever in any short of trouble there are many hopes left for people. But in the movie Avatar (2009) it does not excite more savvier or chosen ones. There was one man named Jake Sully who supposed to be the last of their kind. Well armed by the ancient teaching and fighting. Though he was undone by the Pandora it self.

It was very small moon and even not a single human can breathe on it. This movie was a grate faction about humanity and power crisis that leads to people in to danger. Most of the times in the movie Avatar (2009) lot of adventures tool place and it was full of wonders. Genetically engineer human Na’vi hybrids helping them to face the attacks of humanoids. This movie was out standing with it faction and most of the fans will love this movie for sure. It was hardly any loosing point in the movie production and rare to find these kind of factions. Some times few of the characters based around computer and it does shows the different of live ware and nature.

How ever in the movie these kind of avatar fell in love with Na’vi princess that has bring up a grate romance to the movie it self and it was the crisis starts off there after. Most of the times in the faction movies they have gone way beyond the reality and fans are getting more inspiration by the movie. Avatar (2009) movie does not only doing that it starts to play with the minds. From time to time movie changes it cast and making hall new frames to get the kind of variety need for a better faction movie.

This movie was directed by a well known director James Cameron. He have directed Aliens of the Deep and Ghosts of the Abyss (2003) both movies bring fortune for him. Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Lola Herrera, Joel David Moore is staring in this movie. it was never too easy to work with a faction and this movie cast was successfully take on this challenge for sure. Hart’s War (2002) and The Great Raid (2005) are the movies that took Sam Worthington into Hollywood and as a Australian actor he was surprisingly made his carrier well into success.

Avatar (2009) movie was entertaining the fans with grate piece of nature with adventures and It does make a good temperament in film shooting. Jon Landau, Rae Sanchini joins the director along with the production and it was well accomplished movie after all. 20th Century Fox is distributing this movie and it will be an out standing movie expectation all over the world. The movie was due to be released on December 18th, 2009. Populated enemy was well defeated with the grate strength. Avatar (2009) does bring a huge adventure to big screen. Are you ready for this absolute faction movie?

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Avatar Movie - 2009 - The Movie

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