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Garbage Pail Kids - Complete Picture
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Classical from my days of childhood, the Garbage Pail Kids Sticker Collection. I remember the days we use to trade these stickers back at Carol school in England and they would get confiscated by our Teachers cause they believed they were "Gross", and now I cant agree more, however, being the young school kids we were this just added to our desire to get more and more.

Well, here you have them, the complete Garbage Pail Kids collection from Series 1 - 15 and the unofficial release of series 16.

You'll get the following

1) Series 1 - 15 All Stickers included with the Checklist
2) Series 16 Unreleased
3) More Goodies
4) Series Sheets Collection
5) A collection of series Giants

So if you are a Garbage Pail Kids collector, well, todays your day, and if you just want to have a good laugh, then I promise you, these popular stickers are worth getting your hands on, mind you it will never be the same as having the actual stickers, but at least its worth keeping your hands on.


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Garbage Pail Kids - Complete Sticker Collection

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